Climate in Marrakech: between mild winters and hot summers

Riad Alkemia Staff

16 February 2021

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Climate in Marrakech: between mild winters and hot summers

In Marrakech, the most famous of the Moroccan imperial cities, the many sunny days (more than 300 per year) give tourists the opportunity to travel in all seasons. In fact you will find sunny days both in mild winters and hot summers, replaced by very pleasant springs and autumns. The little rains are concentrated between November and April, although, more and more often, they occur as strong storms and heavy downpours.

Another characteristic of the city is the wide temperature range, which occurs daily especially in the colder seasons. Placed a little more than 450 meters above sea level and only about fifty kilometers from the High Atlas mountains, in Marrakech you can easily pass from 4°/5° degrees of the night to 20°/25° during the day. In addition, strong winds are not uncommon. These winds often carry dust and desert sand causing significant reductions in visibility.

The seasons in Marrakech

But let’s take a look to the seasons, in detail: in Spring the season is quite hot with the winter rains that disappear. The nights are still generally cold, but from early March the winds blowing from the south generate an increase in temperatures during the day, which can easily reach 30º/35º.

The summer is very dry and hot. In the warmer months of July and August, the thermometer can easily exceed 40° degrees. But the strongly dry climate helps to bear these temperatures. Also it can happen to have days with a maximum temperature just over 30 degrees, with the minimum around 15º that gives some relief.

At the arrival of autumn the temperatures begin to gradually decrease, although in October you can easily find days at 30ºC/35ºC. In the same period you will find the first rains. Winter, on the other hand, brings mild days between 20º/25º and very cold nights, in which the temperature drops even below 5º C.

When to leave for Marrakech?

As mentioned, this climate allows you to visit Marrakech throughout the year. July and August are definitely the most challenging months, although riads with swimming pool are a great way to escape from the heat. It is recommended, however, especially during the winter, a multi-layer clothing to spend the entire day comfortably.

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