You need a holiday now, as never before. We want you to feel good and experience relaxing moments. Renting our riad exclusively will assure you a correct social distancing, because in the riad there will be only you and your loved ones. The entire riad, in fact, is privately rented to a single group of people. In this way, you won’t come into contact with anyone other than your travel companions: be they your family, friends or co-workers. It is the best way to guarantee your serenity and the success of your holiday. We have also adopted a cleaning protocol to protect our home, our team and our guests.


We are very keen to let you know that, before reopening, we sanitized the entire riad and opened doors and windows to let in new and clean air. We do the same thing every time a group leaves the riad, so that the following guests can enjoy their holiday with the same serenity. Furthermore, hygiene and safety procedures have been strengthened:

  • the entire riad is fully sanitized upon the departure of each guest.
  • we pay particular attention to all those surfaces that come into contact with our hands more frequently and we disinfect them several times a day: padlocks, door handles, tables and bedside tables, stair railings, switches, toilet seats, remote controls, safety deposit boxes, bathroom accessories.
  • we have installed a dispenser with hydroalcoholic solution available to staff and guests, a disinfected mat for shoes in front of the entrance door
  • the disinfection of the kitchen and the bathrooms is particularly scrupulous and efficient. After having disinfected each room or object, we compile a sanitation register. In this way, we are sure to never forget any step and to guarantee you maximum hygiene
  • the hammam is disinfected after each use through an internal protocol.
COVID riad
COVID staff


  • we check the temperature of the staff, before entering the riad for their work shift.
  • the staff has been trained to comply with safety standards and procedures in accordance with WHO and local health authority guidelines (always wear masks and replace them regularly, use gloves while serving drinks or food, wash frequently hands with soap, disinfect hands and shoes when entering the riad, cough or sneeze in the elbow, use disposable paper tissues, respect social distancing).
  • the staff is equipped with protective equipment for individual use: masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gels
  • the staff wear uniforms that are disinfected daily
  • the changing room and staff bathrooms are regularly disinfected, using all safety standards.

Food & Drinks

  • we adopt a safe and daily kitchen cleaning and disinfection protocol. After disinfecting the environment, we fulfill a sanitation register. In this way, we are sure to never forget any step and to guarantee you maximum hygiene.
  • on request, we wash fresh fruit and vegetables with baking soda before serving them.
  • food and drinks are always handled and served with gloves.
COVID food
COVID Services


Finally, we have also made our external business partners aware of compliance with safety regulations. Between these:

  • the transport company providing the transfers regularly disinfects its vehicles and has instructed its drivers to comply with the protection and spacing rules.
  • the company that supplies us with beauticians for hammams and massages regularly disinfects its equipment and makes its collaborators comply with strict protection rules.
  • the tour guides in the city respect all the rules of protection and distancing.