In the terrace you will fall in love with the unique light in Marrakech, which perfectly highlights the beauty found in every detail below.


Marrakech is a city full of charm, and its terraces are in a way symbolic of its spirit. Its unique and elegant vistas are a fascinating mix of colors, silhouettes, and patterns which play games with light and shadows to create endless mesmerizing photographic effects.

It’s right here on the second floor terrace, the perfect spot for relaxation, that all your senses will be satisfied.

You will breathe in the scent of jasmine, as the blossoming white bougainvilleas beautifully complement the soft shades of the terrace.

Let yourself be captivated by the flavors and aromas of the local cuisine when  the terrace is transformed into a magical  dinner spot, the ideal setting

for a meal enjoyed under the stars, whether it be shared with the chatter of friends, or in a peaceful silence.

Have a look at the covered section of the terrace, and relax on a couch or one of the many large, brightly colored hassocks. The perfect places to enjoy the ritual of fragrant mint tea.

Enjoy the last cup of the day prepared by Lhouessine or spend a relaxing morning letting the sun warm your skin, cooling off from time to time in the shower. Or, simply enjoy the colors and aromas wafting by during sunset.

No matter what you choose, each moment spent up on the terrace is sure to be an unforgettable experience, the high point of your trip.

Relax Terrasse Marrakech
Terrace Marrakesh
Sunbath Terrasse Marrakech
Lounge terrace Marrakesh
Breakfast terrace Marrakesh
Breakfast terrace Marrakesh
Terrasse Marrakech
Dinner terracce Marrakesh
Terrasse nuite riad
Terrace Marrakesh by night
Marrakesh sky

As your mind lighten and your body relaxes, your heart finds peace.