Vacations shouldn’t have rules, we serve breakfast whenever you want

We offer Moroccan cuisine created from fresh and local products.

Exotic flavors in an atmosphere suspended between the magic of the medina and the starry sky.


At the riad Alkemia the menu is always seasonal. The expert use of the spices elevates each ingredients, taking you on a culinary journey of bright colors and intense aromas that is sure to delight your palate. As we consider cooking a must of your experience at riad Alkemia.


Our cook has mastered the art of tranforming the day’s fresh ingredients into flavorful dishes you will never forget, the perfect balance of bold aromas and both strong and delicate flavors. Not trying the local cuisine would mean missing out on a big part of the Moroccan experience, so instead, why not make it a highlight!

In the morning we serve a rich breakfast with many specialities and high quality ingredients to recharge your batteries. Eggs, fresh fruits, sweet and savory msemen (a traditional layered type of flatbread), baghrir (local crepe), homemade cakes. And then various breads and pastries, jams, honey, butter, yogurt, cheese and an assortment of fresh orange juice, teas and coffee.


If you want to complete the gastronomic experience, lunches and dinners on the flowery terrace or in the elegance of the covered terrace include rich dishes. Many different salads, tasty couscous, an assortment of delicious tajines or even tender meat skewers and to complete traditional desserts.

Here, food feeds both your appetite and your soul, especially when shared with friends and family.