Silky smooth skin and a feeling of lightness

Traditional Oriental aromas and sensations, harmonious irresistible and timeless emotions. Relax and energy at the same time.

An essential experience. You’ll be looking forward to try it after a busy day spent exploring the medina.


You can’t say that you have been to Morocco without having tried the hammam. An ancient ritual that is still a fundamental part of the local culture today. Opening the door, you’ll find yourself in a room with soft light emanating from the glow of candles nestled in small arched alcoves on the walls.

Go through the ancient door inside the massage room, and make yourself comfortable in the hammam, where you can treat yourself to the pleasures of an authentic ancestral experience. A journey of well-being that relaxes the mind and cleanses the body.

Even the products used in the various treatments are the result of recipes that have been handed down over generations. Black Soap, which not only leaves you feeling fresh and clean, but eliminate toxins and revitalizes even the deepest layers of your skin. Rhassoul, a clay that has been enriched with essential oils, which works to soften and brighten your skin, making it like silk to the touch. Kessa, a special glove used to exfoliate and, finally, the Argan Oil, which is used during the massage to nourish, moisturize, and regenerate the skin.


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The wellness that only a hammam can give. A beautiful story. Be part of it.