1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions apply to the rental of the property or the sale of services by the Company Alkemia SARL. Riad Alkemia, to the Guest, whether online, by phone, by e-mail or in person, from the date of booking until the end of the stay, including the provision of services and all payments.


2. Prices

The price is per night for the entire riad and it’s based on a min. of 6 people and increases for each additional guest up to a maximum of 14 and includes breakfast and VAT. The city tax of € 2,5 per person per night is not included in the price. Prices are subject to change and may increase or decrease. You will be able to define your updated price before confirming your booking. Please note that once you have agreed on a price and made a reservation, this is the price you pay. If prices go down, the Guest is not entitled to the modified rate.


3. Reservation

Booking requests can be made by phone, email or via www.riadalkemia.com. Only after receiving the confirmation of the reservation from Riad Alkemia by e-mail, the reservation is considered confirmed. The confirmation of the reservation by Riad Alkemia implies the acceptance by the Guest of these Terms and Conditions, which form an integral part of the rental agreement. As part of the booking, the guest must provide Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) with some personal information, including the email address. This information will only be used for your booking and time by time to send you details regarding the riad. The Guest is responsible for the validity and accuracy of the email and personal data provided. In the event that incorrect information has been provided, Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) declines all responsibility. In accordance with the data protection regulations, the Guest has the right to access, modify, correct or delete their personal data. You can do this sending an email to info@riadalkemia.com


4. Payment

To proceed with a booking a 30% advance will be required by credit card. The balance of the payment in Euro or Dirham, in cash (no checks) or by credit card (with no additional cost) will be requested at check-in by the responsable of Riad Alkemia. If the balance is not made as indicated, the Guest will be subject to the cancellation terms, as follows.


5. Cancellation Terms

a) Cancellation by the Client

Cancellation by the guest must be made by e-mail to info@riadalkemia.com

The 30% deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstances, therefore a voucher of the same amount will be issued to be used within the following 12 months. If the stay is not rescheduled within 12 months, the deposit will be definitively lost.

Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) will not make any refund under any circumstances. In particular, if the Guest does not arrive on the scheduled day or if he is unable to present his passport, or other documentation necessary to make a stay in Morocco, the full cost of the stay will be charged.

In case of delayed or cancelled flight, or delay in rail, sea or road transfer, for any reason, the guest is not exempt from the cancellation terms and in no case can any liability be attributed to Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL). However, in the event of an involuntary delay, if the Guest arrives at Riad Alkemia the day after the scheduled arrival date, depending on the availability of Riad Alkemia, the dates of stay may be changed as follows:

• Maintain the initial reservation without any refund from Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL), or

• Change the check out date (subject to availability) by paying the necessary supplements,

and in all cases, without reducing the cost of the original booking. Such last minute changes will be made on site (accepted or rejected), taking into consideration any constraints with the property


b) Cancellation or modification by Riad Alkemia

The cancellation or modification of a reservation by Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) entitles the Guest to a full refund of all sums paid by the Guest to Riad Alkemia, in the absence of an agreement, within a maximum of 15 days.

The cancellation by Riad Alkemia does not in any case entitle the Guest to any compensation other than the full refund of all sums paid by the Guest to Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL).

However and wherever possible, in case of cancellation due to force majeure (floods, fires or other damages etc.) Riad Alkemia will propose alternative dates, of equal value, in the riad and at no additional cost. The refusal of this solution by the Guest would result in the full refund of all the sums paid by the Guest to Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL), as previously described.


6. Security Deposit

A security deposit of € 300 in cash will be required to cover any potential breakages, damage, repairs to the property or replacement of damaged or missing contents. This deposit will be taken upon arrival by the manager of the Riad Alkemia in cash (checks or credit cards are not accepted) and a receipt provided. The deposit will be fully refunded upon departure if there has been no damage or missing items. Otherwise, the deposit will be withheld to cover the repair or replacement costs.

Copies of the payment receipts will be sent to the Guest together with any remaining deposit.


7. Provision of the riad

The riad will be available from 2 pm, after having completed the check-in formalities, or even earlier if the rooms are ready.

On the day of departure, the riad must be vacated no later than 10.00 am. In the event that the Guest does not leave the rooms by 10.00, an additional night will be charged. In the event that the Guest’s departure is later, The Guest can leave the luggage in storage (at the Guest’s own risk in case of damage or theft) in a special area.


8. Responsibility

The staff of Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) and the owners of Riad Alkemia decline any responsibility in case of:

• theft or damage to the assets of the Guest (or other guests or visitors) and all direct or indirect losses resulting from it.

• death or injury, whatever the direct or indirect consequences, to Guests and visitors who have received exceptional authorization to access the common areas of the riad, whatever the floor (ground, first or second).

In no event will the staff of Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) and the owners of Riad Alkemia be held responsible. Guests or their visitors should be aware that, in general, the characteristics of a traditional Moroccan riad do not meet European or Western standards: the parapets or other passages and railings of the terrace are passable and not protected by nets or other protective grids.

Access to the kitchen and the use of utensils, appliances, ingredients or products for cleaning and maintenance is forbidden to anyone other than the riad staff, even if the kitchen remains permanently open.

Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) declines any responsibility in case of cuts, burns, poisoning or other injuries, which occur inside the riad, taking into consideration the access restrictions.

People who need assistance or supervision, in particular children, who are present inside the riad are the sole responsibility of their parents, guardians or representatives and should not be left unattended inside. Any damage or breakage may result in the termination of the rental contract or the request for financial compensation to repair any breakages or damages.

In the event of failure or interruption, even prolonged, of the services of the Riad or public services such as electricity, water, telephone, television, wifi or other, the management of Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) cannot in any case be held responsible.

Each room has a safety box with digital lock at your disposal. In case of violation or defect of the locking mechanism that leads to the theft of money, jewelry, credit cards, camera photos or other valuables, Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) declines all responsibility. Likewise, this applies to all items left in the riad, outside the safety box, which can be lost, stolen or damaged.

In all cases, any accident will not result in any full or partial refund of the cost of the stay by Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL).

We recommend guests to protect themselves with adequate travel insurance including events such as accidents, illness and repatriation.


9. The occupants and the stay

No person, with the exception of the clients indicated in the initial booking, are allowed to enter the riad, and in particular the bedrooms.

Pets are not allowed in the riad and it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms and common areas of the riad. The terrace is the only place where you can smoke.

Riad Alkemia (Alkemia SARL) would be forced to immediately terminate the reservation, without compensation, of any Guest who does not respect these rules. Refusal to obey would result in an immediate call to the police.

Guests, owners and staff are the only people who are granted permanent access.


10. Police formalities

Upon the arrival of each Client, the responsible of Riad Alkemia will undertake all the formalities relating to the Guests stays, applicable in Morocco.


11. Termination

The violation of these Terms and Conditions, depending on the severity of the disturbance, could result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement without refund. In this case and upon instruction of the responsible of Riad Alkemia, or the property, the affected Guests must promptly vacate Riad Alkemia. Legal proceedings can only be prosecuted through the court of Marrakech.


12. Claims

Any possible complaint must be presented to the manager of the Alkemia riad in writing or to the property by e-mail info@riadalkemia.com during the stay and reconfirmed in writing or by e-mail within 10 days of the Guest’s departure.

In case of disagreement and once all the options for an amicable settlement have been exhausted, only the courts of Marrakech will be deemed competent to settle the dispute.


13. Conclusion

These Terms and Conditions are effective from the 1st January 2020 and applicable to all bookings, accommodation and stays from this date.