Video shooting at Riad Alkemia

Riad Alkemia Staff

20 December 2021

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Video shooting at Riad Alkemia

Behind the scenes of.... Adrenalina shooting

T he Italian Canadian singer N’riko has chosen Riad Alkemia as the set of his song “Adrenalina”.

It was February 2020 when we received the request to use riad Alkemia as the location for a video clip. Really excited about the idea we immediately and happily accepted the proposal. And after few days the riad was transformed in a real set of a music video. It was so interesting to see how much work there is behind the scenes.

N’riko and his staff has been so professional and worked hard for 4 full days. Hairstyle, makeup, the search of the right outfit and the right light, the gestures and the choreography such as a thousand other small details have been carefully studied and then tried live several times before finding the right one for the clip. Four intense days of work to get only 3 minutes and a half video. But the result is really stunning!

Riad Alkemia is a particularly chic and glamorous setting for a photo, TV or film shoot, offering great photogenic sets for music videoclips, fashion publications and TV ads.

The intense light from the African sun fills up the open spaces, and filters beautifully into the interior rooms.

The riad’s colors amplify the magic of the furnishings and decorations with a distinct touch, rendering each snapshot of the space an incredible story waiting to be told.

In an elegant, fresh and harmonious atmosphere we provide a range of services designed to assist you: everything from a driver, to catering, to support in researching and procuring authentic props.

We can find anything from old prints, to flowers, carpets, and even tailoring and services.

So if you are interested, we will be more than happy to evaluate a cooperation. For more info, please contact us at:

and after few days... finally the video is ready!