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Do you believe in coincidences? Our story is full of them. We are Silvia and Veronica, both born and raised in Milan, and completely in love with Marrakech, to the point of embarking on the adventure of renovating an ancient riad together. We met when we were both 15 years old; young and full of dreams. We grew up together, and with time became inseparable. But then, as it so often does, life intervened, and we started down different paths.

Still, destiny has a funny way of bringing people back together. A joint-trip to Marrakech and a string of fateful coincidences led us down the path of building a riad together.

We knew exactly what we wanted, and put all of our energy into finding it. But every property we visited seemed to disappoint.

We grew frustrated, and started to think that maybe it wasn’t the right time, that perhaps our beloved “Project Alkemia” should be indefinitely postponed

And then, an unexpected phone call, and it was love at first sight!

The silence, the sense of inner peace and tranquility, the pure energy that the space emanated, immediately won us over. From that moment on, the whole project took off as if it had a life of its own, with this one piece of the puzzle, everything else could easily fall in place.

We like to think that every piece of furniture, every rug, every bit of fabric or decoration that we found together in the markets or hand picked from local artisans’ shops, had all been waiting for an eternity to be chosen, to end up in our riad. What else could it be, then, if not a magical Alkemia?

A team of young alchemists, a mix of cultures and colors.

We are not just staff, but people to know by name and remember fondly, the personal touch in creating a memorable vacation.

Living in a place like riad Alkemia means an inner shift; finding the center of one’s soul. Our alchemists will be the ones to help you on this journey. Here they are:

About us: Khalid

The day manager, Khalid will be at your service to welcome you during your stay. He will give you many tips about Marrakech and any kind of help, arranging activities, SPA and restaurants. Careful and smart, he will charm you with his lovely smile, and make you feel like if you are in your home.

About us: Abdelrasak

Our handyman, is reserved and dependable, someone you can always count on. Abdelrasak takes care of the swimming pool, the plants, and other errands. In short, he works behind the scenes to make sure the riad always looks its best.

About us: Bouchra

Our shy cook, sweet as can be and always smiling, takes care of the kitchen and cleaning. Bouchra will be the one to tidy your rooms, and is always happy to share her passion for cooking, and if you’re lucky, some of her culinary secrets, too!

About us: Nourredine

Our night manager: devoted, cheerful, and caring, Nourredine will be the one to welcome you if you arrive at night, and he’ll always be one to serve dinner. If you wish, you can end your day by sharing an evening cup of tea and a chat with him.

About us: Silvia

Passionate about travel, Silvia loves immersing herself in and observing cultures that are different from her own. She works behind the scenes, taking care of administrative and managerial duties. She believes in this project with all her heart, and is always doing her best to ensure everything runs smoothly

About us: Veronica

Completely in love with her job, Veronica enjoys organizing guests’ stays as if they were her own vacation. Veronica will be your main point of contact before arriving in Marrakech, and will enthusiastically help you plan your trip, giving invaluable bits of advice, and making sure everything is done from the heart.



We see ourselves as environmentalists, and want to do our part to take care of the planet.

Riad Alkemia has been fitted with many sustainable alternatives: energy efficient technology, eco friendly detergents, energy-saving light bulbs, solar panels for hot water, and filters to limit excessive water consumption.

In addition, we buy fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs from local farms, both to minimize our carbon footprint, and to contribute to the development of the local community.

Old sheets are re-purposed for the production of reusable grocery bags, and towels are turned into cleaning cloths. Smoking is not allowed in the interior areas of the riad, but is permitted on the terrace.

Finally, if you wish to lighten your luggage before returning home, we can help you donate clothes or shoes to the local population. Simply leave the items in your room before leaving, and we will make sure they are donated to those who need them.


We are incredibly proud to have received so much attention in the first three months since our grand opening.

We have been met not only with extraordinary reviews from our guests, but were also featured in a photo shoot by Gentle Heartbeats as part of an incredible post on their wedding blog.

The Italian-Canadian singer N’riko also decided to shoot the video for his single “Adrenalina” right in our riad. Check out the video.

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