Henna tattoos

Riad Alkemia Staff

15 February 2022

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Henna tattoo

T he word henna comes from the Hebrew word “hen” which means “to find the grace”, and that of the tattoo is a tradition that dates back to the dawn of time. Henna can also be used to color hair and nails. Muslim men use henna dyeing their beards. According to local culture, henna tattoos are thought to be a symbol of good luck. Some people, especially in the most remote villages, even believe that henna can ward off bad luck and the evil eye, especially when the drawings show the Hamsa, the typical hand of Fatima with the eye. Other subjects for henna tattoos include flowers and beautiful geometric designs.

Some more info

Henna is plant that grows in Mediterranean areas. The leaves of the henna plant are ground to form a fine powder, which is then mixed with water to create a paste as thick as mud. Artists use a fine brush, stick or nozzle to apply the paste to the skin, creating intricate designs on various parts of the body. It is common to pour a mixture of sugar with lemon or lime juice on the finished tattoo to help set it on the skin and enhance its color. Once dried, the mixture hardens and detaches from the skin, leaving the colored tattoo on the skin. Once completely dry the color tends to reddish, and can last several weeks. In Morocco, it is very common for people to decorate their hands and feet with henna.

Your henna tattoo at riad Alkemia

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